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Tips For Making Your Moving Day Easier

February 21, 2017 | Staff

After all that planning, your moving day has finally arrived and you're a mix of boundless excitement and nerves. But don't think you can coast now - there's still plenty to do to ensure a seamless experience.

Be sure to have all of your important documents available, including the moving estimate, driver's license, insurance cards, medical records, mortgage copies and recent vet reports for your pets.  Keep these papers in a special place so you can take them with you and they don’t get mixed in with your move.
Take the time to label everything with a description of where you want it to go in your new home, this will make the delivery smoother.  If a piece of furniture has multiple parts, label each part, that way no one has to waste time searching for anything.  Label the remote controls for TV’s, stereo’s and other devices so you will have the correct remote for each item.
And though you might feel anxious, there is no reason to panic on your moving day. Our professionals do this everyday and they are there to help you. Keeping a level head and avoiding the fallout of excess stress is going to make your move more comfortable.
Of course, if you really want a successful moving day, you'll want to hire the best professional mover in South Florida! A-1 Moving & Storage has over 45 years of experience with moves of all types; whether local, interstate or international, and we can help you make the most of your experience.

Please call A-1 Moving & Storage at 561-625-0600 if you need to schedule a pre-move consultation, get an estimate or have any questions. Click here to fill out our contact information form and one of our Customer Service Representatives will call you soon!