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The 7 Most Important Questions To Ask A Mover

November 23, 2016 | Staff

Moving is a big life event. It's not just the financial components you have to consider, either; there's also how this exciting change will impact your family, your job and the rest of your life. While it's quite natural to have plenty of questions, you can always rely on one trusted source: A-1 Moving & Storage. These experts will be able to handle just about any query you throw their way and ensure the smoothest move possible. Here are seven questions you should consider asking your mover: 
"Always get a detailed estimate before any move.  Seek out references from your friends and check with your state’s Consumer Protection Agency for license and complaint information for every moving company you are considering.” 
1. Does your company offer a moving estimate?
Licensed moving companies will ensure that you receive a proper moving estimate. The moving process depends on a few different factors some of which include valuation coverage, the distance of your move, the approximate weight of your shipment, the number of items that require extra services and special care. Estimates are essential to be sure you get the services you need and to assist with keeping you on budget for your move. 
2. How much of the work am I responsible for?
There are many different options available to you, from allowing you to do all the packing to having the moving company do it all for you, or a combination of the two. You may have to pay more depending upon the service, but some services are better if you have more items, need special handling, want unpacking assistance or are in need of a few extra helping hands. 
3. Are there extra charges involved?
Though not true of every moving company, some will charge extra fees for certain services. That could include charges for parking trucks in major metro areas, storage, unhooking appliances, long-carry charges, fuel and even if the movers will require special equipment. This is why a proper estimate is so important, that way you know of any fees beforehand so the final bill isn't a surprise. 
4. Is the company insured?
Yes, even moving companies need to be properly insured. Without this form of protection, they wouldn't be able to reimburse you in a case of any accidental damage to your home or goods. There are different levels of coverage for these companies, so always make sure you know the details about your chosen company before the moving process officially begins. 
5. Is the moving crew properly prepared?
This begins with having the right equipment and being ready in case of issues like your street being too small or not having the right amount of packing material. Preparation also extends to the crew itself, and you should ask if the movers have experience working in peak seasons or moving certain items. Don't be afraid to seek out references from other satisfied customers.  You also want to be sure that the company you hired is the one that shows up on moving day. Make sure that the name on the truck matches the name on your estimate. 
6. What can you tell me about your company?
Just as with any other kind of relationship, you need to know who you're working with during a move. When was the company founded? Has the company won any awards? What kind of training programs do employees undergo? What measures are in place to prevent damage? Are the movers given an incentive program to ensure customer satisfaction? All of these help paint a portrait of the company you've employed.  
7. Do I have all the necessary documents?
If you're working alongside a professional moving service, there are at least three forms you should receive: 
  • A detailed estimate.
  • An order of service.
  • A bill of lading. 
  • For a long distance move you should also have:
  • An inventory list of all of the items being moved.
  • A Federal document titled “Your Rights and Responsibilities When You Move.” 
These documents should help you understand the extent of the move as well as your responsibilities and those of the moving company. If any of these pieces of paper are left blank, protect yourself by not signing them until the company's completed each form. Always be sure to hold on to them for your personal records. 
Making sure you get the answers you want means hiring a professional moving company. A-1 Moving & Storage has just such a commitment to customers. Since our formation in 1972, we have become an industry-leader in local and long distance moves in addition to corporate relocations. We deliver high-quality services to our customers so they can achieve their relocation goals with an experience that makes them feel valued. We also work alongside real estate agents, putting in the work to ensure every move is a breeze no matter where the destination is. 
We move the world’s most valuable possessions…Yours!  
Call us today at 561-625-0600 to set up a free, pre-move consultation.