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The Importance of Movers and Real Estate Agents Collaborating

September 26, 2016 | Staff

Whether you're just headed down the road or across the country, moving can be a particularly stressful experience. Luckily, most people have support from two expert sources: a real estate agent and a moving service. The former helps you find the house of your dreams, while the latter helps plan and execute the move. But these professionals don't have to exist separately during your moving process. In fact, if these groups work together, you can be assured an even smoother and less stressful move. Here's how:

Real estate sets the stage
Depending upon where they operate, a real estate agent group might be responsible for selling a few dozen homes per year. That's a lot of moving, agents want to ensure that their clients have the best experience possible. That's why they build up a list of the most dependable moving services they've encountered during their many home sales. You'd be wise to use this resource to find the best mover for your unique situation. A real estate agent can help you decide just what kind of service you need based on the distance of the move, whether you have kids or pets involved, and the quantity of household items you're shipping. 
Expert movers know the city
Your moving service may actually be able to help you find a real estate agent to work with. This is especially beneficial for people who are in the midst of a corporate relocation, and are using temporary housing until they find that perfect abode. Though not every moving service compiles a list of real estate agents, companies that focus on corporate relocation almost always have a few names they rely on or are aware of the most active and professional agents in your new town or city. Moving companies are a great resource, and they can help you find a real estate agent that understands your wants and needs and is also affordable.
Homework is essential
How do you, the homeowner, make sure you're doing business with both the best real estate agent and moving service possible? By doing your homework. Even with all the best recommendations from either group, you should still put plenty of thought and effort into choosing both a real estate agent and moving service. At the most basic level, that means considering elements like personal expenses and other financial factors. But it also means looking at the kinds of people you're doing business with. Read reviews, talk to someone at each office; find out if you feel comfortable with either professional and if they'll have you and your family's interests at heart. 
When it comes to choosing the most effective moving service, there is always one obvious choice: A-1 Moving and Storage. Since our formation in 1972, we have become an industry-leader in local and long distance moves in addition to corporate relocations. We deliver high-quality services to our customers so they can achieve their relocation goals with an experience that makes them feel valued. We also work alongside real estate agents, putting in the work to ensure every move is a breeze no matter where the destination is.
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