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Ask the Expert - Question 1: Are Internet or Telephone Quotes Really Accurate?

March 27, 2018 | Katie Klause-Newitt, Vice President A-1 Moving & Storage


Answer:  The quick answer is probably not. It’s possible that what’s even more stressful than moving is the unnecessary stress often caused by an inaccurate moving estimate. Much of this is due to a lack of preparation by the mover and it begins with the inaccuracy and assumptions of internet or over-the-phone quotes. Without visiting your home or business to examine the variables, a moving company has a very limited idea what your move will cost or require to execute on moving day and it puts all of the responsibility on you.


The best approach your mover can offer you is to provide a pre-move consultation. This ensures the mover has assessed the necessary size of the truck, special packing needs like glass tops which may need to be crated, or a piece of furniture that can only be moved through a sliding glass door. Seeing these details first-hand will eliminate any unforeseen costs for you on moving day; something an internet or  phone quote cannot provide.


A pre-move consultation helps the mover plan for the right equipment and the amount of manpower for moving day. Most of all, a consultation provides you with a fair and accurate price for your move.  As one of our customers describes it, because of the pre-move consultation there were “no surprises” on moving day.


Moving may always be stressful, but it should never be exacerbated by your moving company. Your moving process should be personalized and without a single surprise.




Katie Klause-Newitt is Vice President and an A-1 Moving & Storage Relocation Consultant. She has won many Atlas awards for her commitment to exceptional customer service. To request a free, pre-move consultation with Katie, please call 561-625-0600 or visit