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Jim McCarten, Gardens Mall



“We were totally unprepared. The house sold faster than we thought and we had to leave. My wife packed, but I had to work that day. In one day, I left for work from one home and came home to another. Everything was unloaded, set-up and the beds put together. I thought, ‘wow, is this how it’s supposed to work?’ It was phenomenal how it all came together in one day,” explains Jim.

Because of his personal experience with A-1, Jim knew he could trust them to pack, move and store The Gardens Mall’s holiday display. 90,000 square feet of holiday décor—with car-sized crates, just large enough to hold one ornament--was efficiently packed and loaded onto several tractor trailers. A-1 stored the holiday display in their warehouse for a few years until Jim decided it was time to donate it.

“A-1 came to the rescue. Katie came personally and gave the estimate and took care of the rest. It was flawless. Dare I say it was “too easy?” asks Jim.

Jim believes the reason for such a great experience with A-1 has been because of their commitment to honesty.


“They have integrity. Clearly, they stand by their word. They don’t have any problems to fix because they don’t create any problems.  I trust Katie, Tom and A-1 completely. When I move again soon, guess who I’m going to hire?” says Jim.